2-Pole 5kW (3000/3600rpm) High-Speed Vertical-Mounting Brushless Generators

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Rated Power:
5kW at 50Hz, 6kW at 60Hz


2-Pole Vertical-Mounting Brushless Generators




Model No.                    ADG/2

Registered Brand:         AD

Producer:                     Fujian Ideal Electric Co.,Ltd.


Specs Range


Rated Power                 :   6-500kVA at 50Hz, 7-600kVA at 60Hz

Rated Frequency          :   50/60Hz

Rated Speed                 :   3000rpm@50Hz, 3600rpm@60Hz

Pole Count                   :   2 poles

Output Phase               :   Three-phase or Single-phase

Power Factor                :   0.8 (Lag) as standard configuration

Duty                            :   Continuous

Excitation Mode            :   Brushless self excitation with AVR control

Coupling Structure         :   Double-bearing


Standards Conformance


IEC60034, GB755, JB/T10747

NEMA MG1, VDE0530, ISO8528

ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System


Ambient Conditions


Altitude                            :   1000m

Ambient temperature        :   40°C

Relative humidity              :   95% (with no condensation)


Electrical Performance


l      Steady voltage regulation : within ±1.0%

l      Transient voltage regulation : within ±12%

l      Voltage recovery time : ≤0.1s

l      Voltage waveform harmonic distortion : ≤2.5%

l      Voltage unbalance under unbalanced load : ≤3%

l      Voltage setting range : (90-110)%Un

l      Insulation grade: Class H (125°C)

l      Full-load temperature rise: ≤80°C (Class B)

l      Protection grade: IP23 as standard, IP44-IP65 as option




l      Original vertical mounting structure with high efficiency, complete reliability and long service life

l      Continuous duty, reinforced rolled-steel frame

l      Outstanding electrical performance in all aspects

l      Ideal voltage waveform with minimum harmonic distortion in the industry

l      Ultra-low operation temperature rise to ensure the best reliability, great overloading capability and long service life

l      Unique Compound Excitation Technology to realize the unprecedentedly great dynamic performance

l      Untral-strong capability in starting motors

l      Unique ventilation structure to improve the cooling effect by 30% and more

l      Complete reliability and safety in self-excited voltage buildup

l      Precise voltage regulation with low-speed protection

l      Minimum size and weight among the same-rating products in the industry with popular outline



Model Lists (5-100kW as example)


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Real-Tested Voltage/Current Waveform